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Hi Cheese lovers,

I haven’t updated the blog for a looong time! But have made a new year (Fin year!) resolution to pay more attention to social media and keep people informed as to what we are up to.

We have been continuing to win awards entering only one show a year now.
In 2014 the Wicked Nanny Goat Blue won the best exhibit in the Hobart show. In 2015 Wicked Cheese was again highly awarded, winning 6 gold medals and
Champion of the Goats cheese class was “William” a hard goats cheese a fairly new addition to the wicked range.
Champion of the Cow cheese class was Wicked’s Cloth Bound Vintage Cheddar which is a real old school type cheddar that mum and dad used to rave about.

In addition to these new cheeses we have released a Pinot noir available for the past 2 years. This year’s vintage is all but sold out with a new release due early in the new year. I will post when it is available.


Also we have just release 2 new products.. Fig and Walnut paste and Quince paste watch out for them in outlets that currently stock Wicked Cheese.


It’s been a busy year for Wicked Cheese with many new and interesting projects underway and we look forward to share some new products with you all shortly.

All of our products are available from our online shop

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Watch out for the Wicked Nanny…coming to you soon

Hi Everyone,

Well we’re all pretty stoked about our latest awards at the Hobart show winning not only the best cheese but best exhibit from over 1400 entries.
Couldn’t actually get any better!
To celebrate we are going to finally crank up our online sales due to start on the 18 August. The shop will go on line next week and I will send an email to everyone on our list. If you want to be on the list just send an email to sales@wickedcheese.com.au

Have a look at the press release below. GOATS RULE!

A Wicked Night at the Royal Hobart Fine Food Awards…

wicked_nannygoat_blue__97195.1404418330.178.178Wickeds’ newest cheese, created just this year “Wicked Nanny Goat Blue” won gold, champion of its class, best Tasmanian exhibit and the Richard Langdon Trophy for best exhibit in Show.

Reserve Champion of the Goats cheese class was “William” a hard goats cheese and another new addition to the wicked range. Wicked won 5 gold and a swag of silver and bronze.
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Wicked Winner at Royal Melbourne Show

Hi All,

Below is a press release after our recent big win at the Royal Melbourne Fine Food Awards..

It’s Official- The Wicked Cheese Company has won the best cheddar cheese at the Royal Melbourne Show Fine Food Cheese Awards.


Wicked Cloth Bound Cheddar won the gold, the best of its class and the Cheddar Cheese Trophy. A great effort from a company that has been making cheddar cheese for only a short time. The Wicked Cheese Company has entered only 2 shows in 2013. The score is 1 Champion cheese, 1 champion of its class, gold medals for cheddar, Brie, Blue and it bottled milk and numerous silver and bronze medals
Based in Richmond and using milk supplied by Will and Kellie Blackburn from the Coal Valley the company is fast gaining a reputation as a leading manufacturer of premium cheese.
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Online Sales coming soon

Well it is about time Wicked Cheese updated its blog! – I hear you say. Don’t be mad at us we’ve been very busy making cheese and planning for the future

Lots been going on at Wicked in the past six months, some highlights…

  • Gold medals at cheese shows for our Brie (again!), Cloth bound Cheddar and our new Blue cheese.
  • Our Richmond Milk has again won gold at the Hobart Show. This is the 3rd year running. When I was a kid (a long time ago), we used to say 3 times in a row and it’s not a fluke. Well this proves it, Richmond Milk, some say, is the best milk in the World!
  • Our little vineyard has produced a whopping 300 litres of Pinot noir, which is currently hold up in oak barrels. It should be released early next year and will only be sold onsite. I think most of it will be drunk on site – a lot of it by me.
  • We have welcomed a new milk supplier – supplying quality milk from south of Hobart. Cygnet Milk is I believe the most southern dairy farm in Australia and supplies milk from a mixed herd of Friesians and Jerseys.
  • New South Wales – here we come! We have just started with a new distributer in NSW so look out for our cheeses around town. To date we have avoided Sydney fearing the market would be too large for us but with our new milk supplier, we are confident we can keep the supply up.
  • We have been talking to some goat farmers and if all goes well will be making some goat’s milk cheese this spring. We are looking at 3 possibly types of cheese and will keep your informed of there progress.

Finally, we have been working on our Website to incorporate new online sales. (About time too!) We hope to be up and running by October. The site will include a seasonal offer to all who join our cheese club. The good news is joining the club will be free and allow you access to hard to get cheeses that are normally only available from time to time from our Factory outlet. I look forward to making some new and interesting cheeses for the club.

Cheers and cheese

From the Wicked Cheesemakers

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Wicked Blue is coming

I can’t believe it’s been nearly six months since my last Blog. Well we have a mountain of news and some new products in the wind…

New products are..

Farmhouse cloth bound cheddar (available from factory outlet only at this stage)
Buffalo Cheddar(also only available from the factory outlet)
Waxed Wicked Blue cheese (due for release at Xmas)

A yet to be named rinded blue cheese(due for release Jan 13) -see above pic
Chilli fraiche – a fresh soft chilli infused cheese

In my last Blog, I said we weren’t going to do blue – I lied! Due to overwhelming pressure from family, friends and customers, we relented and managed to fit in a small blue maturing room in our new factory. We have also managed to purchase a smokehouse so we can smoke different cheeses in-house. Our Smoked cheddar has proved very popular and we are also trialling some other smoked products.

We recently fared quite well at the Hobart Cheese show with four gold medals, five(or six?) silver and a couple of Bronze. I was very pleased that our Vintage Cheddar won gold. We have pulled back from entering many of the mainland shows as it becomes very costly and time consuming.
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Our new factory is now well and truly up and going, the demand for cheese has been very strong – just as well we have expanded! Its been a long haul over the last 12 months to get where we are today but we are very pleased with the results. The new café is proving to be very popular with both locals and tourists and as a result we are currently expanding the menu. We have been overwhelmed with the support and best wishes from the Richmond community and thank all who have visited us.

Day one at the new factory was a little slow with our first customer (See attached picture) preferring a feed of ants instead of cheese, since then business has been brisk both in the café and the cheese tasting areas.

'A prickly customer'

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Wicked is on the move!

The long awaited new factory will open its doors on Monday 30 January. We are currently in the process of moving and closed the doors at Moonah last Friday. It’s a very busy and exciting time for Wicked with much still to be done before the opening. Our new address is 1238 Richmond Rd, Richmond. Our phone number has also changed to 03 62602341.

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Wicked cheese to move in New Year

Factory construction commences

It’s been a very busy year for wicked cheese with many exiting things happening. We have fared really well in the annual cheese shows with gold and silver awards too numerous to count.
We were also very lucky to be the recipient of a TQUAL tourism grant, which will contribute to the building of the new factory, which has already commenced. (See picture(s)). We hope to be into the new factory very early in the New Year and expect to have a grand opening at this time.

The new factory will provide visitors the opportunity to view the cheese making and maturing process via viewing windows throughout the building. A small café will also offer visitors local produce and light meals. We will be stocking a number of small local wineries produce and provide wine tastings from time to time.

We are also very pleased to announce the introduction of online Sales which will commence early next year – if you are interested please send us your email address and we will let you know when it kicks off.

We have also been busy developing 3 new cheeses to our range; a Cloth bound cheddar and 2 types of blue cheese. These well be available in our new factory early in the New Year – I will post photos in the next blog in a couple of weeks.

Best wishes from the Wicked Cheesemakers

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