Our new factory is now well and truly up and going, the demand for cheese has been very strong – just as well we have expanded! Its been a long haul over the last 12 months to get where we are today but we are very pleased with the results. The new café is proving to be very popular with both locals and tourists and as a result we are currently expanding the menu. We have been overwhelmed with the support and best wishes from the Richmond community and thank all who have visited us.

Day one at the new factory was a little slow with our first customer (See attached picture) preferring a feed of ants instead of cheese, since then business has been brisk both in the café and the cheese tasting areas.

'A prickly customer'

We have now settled back into the routine of cheese making and have some new and interesting projects underway…
Firstly the bad news – we were initially going to start blue cheese manufacture in the new factory but have had to put a hold on this. With the current range of products proving so popular we have had to use the new space to increase the volumes of these cheeses.
Next the good news – We will shortly be releasing our new Native Pepper berry cheddar. We have been providing tastings on site and feedback has been really great.
Our first 2 batches have all but sold out and currently are only available from the factory outlet. As the new batches mature we expect to have limited releases to some stores.

Now the better news – this week we will be releasing our new Buffalo milk Mozzarella. The Buffalo milk is produced in Tasmania and the cheese is made on site at Richmond. I will be visiting the Buffalo farm shortly and will take some pics to post online. The new cheese is a bit different from the normal Buff mozz – its firmer and has more flavour – it also lasts a little longer. We have been experimenting in the café with some new recipes using the Buff Mozz so come and have a try. My favourite is a Buff Mozz/Blue cheese and Walnut snack.

We have also been making some Buff cheese not unlike a sharp and tasty cheddar. Initial flavour profiles are very promising but unfortunately this cheese will take many months to mature we are expecting to release product for sale sometime in spring.
We have one other Buff cheese that will also find its way on to the market in the next few weeks at this stage the variety is a closely guarded secret – watch out for it!

Cheers & Cheese

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