Wicked Blue is coming

I can’t believe it’s been nearly six months since my last Blog. Well we have a mountain of news and some new products in the wind…

New products are..

Farmhouse cloth bound cheddar (available from factory outlet only at this stage)
Buffalo Cheddar(also only available from the factory outlet)
Waxed Wicked Blue cheese (due for release at Xmas)

A yet to be named rinded blue cheese(due for release Jan 13) -see above pic
Chilli fraiche – a fresh soft chilli infused cheese

In my last Blog, I said we weren’t going to do blue – I lied! Due to overwhelming pressure from family, friends and customers, we relented and managed to fit in a small blue maturing room in our new factory. We have also managed to purchase a smokehouse so we can smoke different cheeses in-house. Our Smoked cheddar has proved very popular and we are also trialling some other smoked products.

We recently fared quite well at the Hobart Cheese show with four gold medals, five(or six?) silver and a couple of Bronze. I was very pleased that our Vintage Cheddar won gold. We have pulled back from entering many of the mainland shows as it becomes very costly and time consuming.

Natural farm fresh milk is very close to my heart and forms the basis for our Richmond Milk. I was having a think about the state of the milk industry in Australia and there are many things wrong with it not least of all pricing at the farm gate. I’m not 100% sure of the facts here however a dairy farmer friend of mine recently show me a payment slip from the 70s(or was it 80s?) and the price his father was being paid for the milk was pretty much the same as he gets today! I believe the average price paid in Tassie last year was around 35c per litre. No wonder farmers are walking away from the land in droves! One recent development flies in the face of the big processors and is a step in the right direction – it involves the discontinued use of permeates…

Consumer pressure permeates to Milk Processors and suppliers

Yes, the Olympics are now well and truly over and we managed some gold however the best performance recently we have witnessed is some star performers in the dairy industry with perfectly executed back flips.

Have you seen the milk adds on TV telling us the milk we are drinking does not contain permeate? What they don’t tell you is that in many cases it did and now it doesn’t. Why? The answer is simple – consumer pressure. Even the big supermarkets are now demanding milk without permeate.

For a number of years now a lot of our milk has been diluted with permeate, for those that don’t know permeate comes from milk – it’s not bad for you and allows processors to provide standard and repeatable flavour and nutrient value to milk.
The beautiful thing for the processor is that it’s bloody cheap and was once a waste product. The sum is simple around 15% savings in milk costs for the makers.

Why do I bring this subject up ? We bottle and sell Richmond milk – its just like the old milk in the glass bottle delivered to your door by horse and cart many years ago (I remember Dad making us go and collect the horse poo from the road for his tomato plants!). We have never used permeate and don’t bother advertising the fact because milk should be just milk and nothing else- its like saying our milk does not contain lumps of concrete! Score one for the advertisers for stating the bleedin’ obvious.

Back to us, and its all about us!
We are hoping to get online sales up and going early in the New Year so watch out for a web site upgrade- we are also currently looking at setting up a cheese club with special offers for members, we would of done it earlier but our new tasting house has been keeping us very busy I have quite an extensive customer list and will notify as many people as possible when we start up, If you want to be notified just send me an email.

I hope to see you at Wicked Cheese in the near future


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