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Well it is about time Wicked Cheese updated its blog! – I hear you say. Don’t be mad at us we’ve been very busy making cheese and planning for the future

Lots been going on at Wicked in the past six months, some highlights…

  • Gold medals at cheese shows for our Brie (again!), Cloth bound Cheddar and our new Blue cheese.
  • Our Richmond Milk has again won gold at the Hobart Show. This is the 3rd year running. When I was a kid (a long time ago), we used to say 3 times in a row and it’s not a fluke. Well this proves it, Richmond Milk, some say, is the best milk in the World!
  • Our little vineyard has produced a whopping 300 litres of Pinot noir, which is currently hold up in oak barrels. It should be released early next year and will only be sold onsite. I think most of it will be drunk on site – a lot of it by me.
  • We have welcomed a new milk supplier – supplying quality milk from south of Hobart. Cygnet Milk is I believe the most southern dairy farm in Australia and supplies milk from a mixed herd of Friesians and Jerseys.
  • New South Wales – here we come! We have just started with a new distributer in NSW so look out for our cheeses around town. To date we have avoided Sydney fearing the market would be too large for us but with our new milk supplier, we are confident we can keep the supply up.
  • We have been talking to some goat farmers and if all goes well will be making some goat’s milk cheese this spring. We are looking at 3 possibly types of cheese and will keep your informed of there progress.

Finally, we have been working on our Website to incorporate new online sales. (About time too!) We hope to be up and running by October. The site will include a seasonal offer to all who join our cheese club. The good news is joining the club will be free and allow you access to hard to get cheeses that are normally only available from time to time from our Factory outlet. I look forward to making some new and interesting cheeses for the club.

Cheers and cheese

From the Wicked Cheesemakers

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