Multi-award winning Tasmanian cheeses

Wicked Cheese is a boutique cheesemaker, based in Richmond, Tasmania.

Wicked Cheese has emerged, in a few short years, to gain recognition as one of the most impressive, high quality, hand-made cheese ranges in Australia. Wicked Cheese Triple Cream Brie was awarded the Supreme Cheese Champion Trophy at the 2008 Royal Melbourne Show, and Wicked Cheese Brie was awarded the trophy for Best White Mould Cheese at the 2010 Australian Grand Dairy Awards.

There are two reasons why Wicked Cheese has gained the reputation and recognition that it has. Our cheesemakers are highly experienced and qualified, and meticulously attend to their craft. Secondly, we use only the purest hormone-free and chemical-free milk from grass-fed cows.


Wicked Cheese Triple Cream Brie

Wicked Cheese ... the secret is out.

Ashley McCoy, CheesemakerThe skill of
the cheesemaker
Ashley McCoy was chief cheesemaker at the world famous King Island Dairies. Now his cheeses have to be even better – they carry his name.

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Tasmanian dairy cowsThe quality of
the milk
The finest quality cheese starts with the finest quality milk. There is nothing purer than the milk that goes into the Wicked Cheese ranges.

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The Supreme Cheese Champion trophyThe excellence of
the results
Wicked Cheese has won numerous awards in a short space of time. Excellence, as usual, gets recognition.

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