Tasmania – providing ideal dairy conditions

The milk used to produce the Wicked Cheese range of high-quality cheeses is pasteurised for health safety – and nothing more. It is milk that comes from cows that roam free on grassy hillsides in one of the most pristine environments in the world.

In southern Tasmania, near the historic town of Richmond, outside Hobart, the land and the water are not polluted by heavy industry. The air is swept clean by winds off the Great Southern Ocean.

The cows that make the milk used in Wicked Cheese products are free of hormone growth promotants. Neither the cows nor their milk are tainted with chemical additives.

If you have the ambition to produce the best cheeses in the world, then you start with the best-tasting and purest milk in the world. This is what gives Wicked Cheese its edge.

Dairy farm in Tasmania

To produce the finest cheese, you need to start with the finest milk.

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