The cheese makers, standards and milk to cheese process

The cheese makers

Head Cheese maker Todd Whitton was trained by Ashley McCoy who was the original proprietor and developer of the Wicked Cheese brand. Todd heads up a talented team of 5 cheese makers who take great pleasure in experimenting and developing new cheese under his watchful eye. He personally

oversees the training of all of the Wicked Cheese makers passing on experience and a skill set that has made the Wicked Cheese makers highly passionate and competent in their trade.

There is solid science behind cheese making at Wicked Cheese. But there is also that something extra – the subtleties of taste and texture that result from secrets of the cheese maker’s art, practiced with the care and pride of the cheese makers who rejoice in their trade.

There are two reasons why Wicked Cheese has gained the reputation and recognition that it has.

Our cheese makers are highly experienced and qualified, and meticulously attend to their craft.
Secondly, we use only the purest hormone-free and chemical-free milk from grass-fed cows.


Wicked Cheese – Food Safety standards

The health and hygiene standards at Wicked Cheese are second to none.

Todd Whitton was trained on the practices required to keep a factory operating at the highest levels of food Safety by previous owner Ashley McCoy. He has completed HACCAP training and ensures that all Wicked Cheese staff have completed food handling courses and take their responsibility to keep the public safe seriously.

“Food hygiene is not just a matter of social responsibility,” says Todd. “A reliable, consistent, quality product passes the consumer taste-test.”

Todd Whitton’s high standards can be seen on the factory floor and in the cool rooms.

With Wicked Cheese your satisfaction is assured.


The Cheese Story - From Milk To Cheese